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Get Empowered with Connect10™️


  • Do you, as a leader,  feel isolated sometimes?

  • Wonder if other businesses have the same issues? 

  • Do you need a trusted group to bounce ideas off?

The good news is you are not alone. The value and benefit of participating in a group of people from diverse backgrounds, expertise, and generations are immeasurable. Members share their experiences within a strict robust and confidential process so as to provide a safe environment for members to discuss their business opportunities and challenges

      A Connect 10 member

  • Focuses on business growth,

  • Believes in the power of collaboration

  • Leverages the experience of like-minded business leaders

  • Earns 10 million to 60 million in revenue per annum

  • Has a growth mindset 

       The Connect 10 difference

  • Over 17 years of professional facilitation skills

  • All facilitators have Business Coaching Qualifications

  • Great Locations

  • No Joining Fee

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Learn More About Connect10™️

Build Your Business Future

Connect10 is an outstanding concept.  It is your trusted sounding board, where business leaders meet and connect with like-minded people to leverage their experience and gain different perspectives on their business issues and opportunities, in turn, leading to business growth and leadership confidence.

Facilitated by a professional facilitator you will follow a robust process that will enable you to grow your business and enhance your skills as a leader. You will meet with 10 people 10 months of the year for 4 hours a month. Whilst this may seem a big commitment,  you are spending quality time growing your business, getting clarity of direction, and receiving perspectives from respected business leaders which we know will prove to be invaluable.

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10 People

More Perspectives To Guide You

You will meet with 10 people to bounce ideas off, check in with, seek an opinion from, with the view of growing your business. These people will become your tribe of confidential advisors and will hold you accountable and challenge you as you tackle hurdles and explore opportunities for your business. You will gain different perspectives like never before and will almost certainly build your skills as a business leader.


10 Meetings

Consistent Approach

Connect10 requires you to attend 10 meetings a year. The meetings follow a proven process which involves each person in your tribe sharing a business update and expressing a particular topic they wish to focus on for the month. Each person at the meeting gets a chance to air their opportunities or challenges and then the topics that require further discussion are selected, pulled apart, seen from different perspectives through a robust facilitated process.


10 Months

Work On Your Business

We fully appreciate the busy life you have whilst running your own business. We also know that the concept of taking time to work on the business not just in the business is critical to success. Therefore we ask that you commit to 10 months a year. This is typically February to November - we appreciate holidays with family are important too. You are now guaranteed of 40 hours a year working on your business and will experience significant results. 
Commitment + Consistency + Confidentiality = Group success

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent Van Gogh

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The power of peer to peer groups is immeasurable.

Craig Bulmer

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