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About Your Facilitators

Utilising our amazing Connect10 process business owners meet on a monthly basis to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges they are facing in their business. With no competing businesses and confidentiality being the secret of success to this program participants can eliminate that feeling of loneliness that often occurs for business owners. Think of it as a pseudo advisory board without the cost. It gives you access to other leaders' thoughts, experiences, and expertise. There is nothing better than peer to peer to learning. Connect 10 is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.


Craig Bulmer

Craig has been facilitating business round table discussion groups for over 16 years for family businesses here in Australia. These businesses typically turnover more than $10 million dollars and less than $400 million dollars per year with the average participant turning over $60 million per year.
His client base is typically International organisations with a small presence in Australia or Private Australian Enterprises.
His reputation as a first-class trainer and master Coach has taken him from Australia to the UK, China to Thailand, Singapore to Japan. Along the way, he has made a major impact on the lives of literally thousands of people by imparting practical skills for people to improve everyday work and life.


Patch Clunes

Patch is a Coach and Consultant, passionate about educating and empowering business owners and leaders to build successful businesses as she believes that great businesses have a positive impact on our communities and society.
Born into a family of business owners, she’s seen many challenges and successes. From a humble burger and pizza bar run by her parents, bar/restaurants by her father and uncle to her grandfather founding a textiles manufacturing factory over 60 years ago that is still a family run business with over 400 staff – exporting globally.


Col Neate

​Col’s passion is helping people create meaning by connecting to who they are and what they do. As a business and organisational coach, Col works with individuals, teams and businesses to grow their potential by guiding, coaching and challenging the status quo.

Partnering with individuals is where Col operates most effectively. His background encompasses a wide range of initiatives to help people reach their goals. Col has over 15 years’ experience in coaching, training, facilitation and change roles underpinned with 12 years’ experience in start up and improvement projects in Operations and Logistics globally.

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Candice Stein

Professionally, Candice believes that self-awareness is critical to growth and development. Having the right tools, support, and framework to apply such insights is the key to an effective change in behavior. This is achieved by working with clients to understand themselves and their needs, making sure that the most suitable solutions are provided. Candice is a passionate and committed learning & development professional with over 15 years’ experience in designing, developing, and facilitating learning. With a broad range of skills including group facilitation, stakeholder management and coaching. She is effective in enabling others to become more successful and improving their people's capability.

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